About US

The MyYa’s Story

Gourmet Coffee, Epic Smoothies & Great Shakes is all you need in the Morning. Sometimes the simplest of passions can turn into a business idea. One such thing is the appreciation of a good coffee to awaken the senses that starts a day off in delight.

MyYa Café which is one of the best cafes in Lagos, was conceived on the back of such a passion by two good friends in London. Working in the of City of London, affectionately called the square mile, it is guaranteed that you are never too far away from a good Café.

One can go as far as make a reasonable assumption that no one starts their day in the corporate world without Coffee. These two good friends can attest to this in their mutual as well as individual dealings in this world. The city has many attributes and offer phenomenal services.

However, good quality coffee and smoothies are harder to come by in this City which seems ironic considering the world practically run on this liquid gold.That’s how the passion for coffee and vibrant cities turned into a business idea, MyYa. A unique name coined out of the first children of their children.

As the whole world is moving towards healthier lifestyle, MyYa’s Café coffee shop in Lekki, mantra is to provide Epic Smoothies that will generate the added boost of energy to see you through those lethargic mornings. MyYa will be working closely with one of the oldest coffee growers in Africa to create it’s own blend.

MyYa’s Cafe seeks to be environmentally friendly, to reduce our carbon footprint or “fruitprint” if you may. All the fruits and vegetables that goes into our smoothies will be sourced locally as much as possible. We will use exotics fruits sparingly, only to give our customers a taste of the rest of the world.

We will train all our staff to a level where they can rival any barista jobs anywhere in the world. We won’t compromise on quality, taste and our integrity.

Our customers will be at the forefront of our operations. Our aim is to ensure they leave our Café, with the view to coming back with others to showcase our quality product and services.

MyYa’s Café will also make the commitment to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged by ensuring all our left over fruits and drinks will be delivered to the homeless community.