The Best Coffee Shop in Lagos Nigeria

MyYa’s Café is a forward-thinking company set to revolutionise the Coffee and Juice Markets in Nigeria.

Why MyYa’s Cafe?

With the first of its stores situated in Lekki Phase one, the heartland of Lagos, Nigeria, MyYa’s Café appeals to Millennial, Arty, Expatriates and creative types, and trying to establish ourselves as one of the BEST coffee shops in Lagos Nigeria.

MyYa’s Café is a small coffee shop modelled after on the artisans Café that can be found in the City of London. The Café is designed to create a comfortable space where coffee lovers and enthusiasts can get their creative juices flowing, relax and socialize whilst sipping Italian style coffee made by highly trained staff.


Our Ambience

Most expatriates and non-residents coming from countries with established coffee culture rarely ever find a good spot and/or quality coffee they have become accustomed to get the much needed Caffeine Fix and MyYa’s will not only provide world class gourmet coffee for our customers to enjoy, we will ensure that they are able to do so in our extremely trendy Café.


Customer satisfaction will be the forefront of our operations. We will create an environment where our services will be spread quite quickly and create a buzz that will ensure that we not only gain new customers but retain existing ones by the host of loyalty schemes we will be offering, like our get the 6TH cup free. We are MyYa’s, indeed one of the best coffee shops in Lagos Nigeria.


MyYa’s Café is determined to become an establishment of choice for local coffee addicts, a place to start off the day with an injection of much needed caffeine, a place to meet up with friends, colleagues or just unwinding with a good book or using the fast free WiFi for customers to connect with your social media friends.